UThukela District Municipality

Finance Portfolio Committee

Budget & Treasury Office serves as a central integrated resource, which is aimed at providing, essential support service to the politicians and administration of the municipality.

The Department responsibilities are as follows but not limited to:

  • Risk Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Assets Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Safekeeping of all financial records
  • Salaries payments
  • Support to the functionaries of the council
  • Preparation of reports

Main Objective:

The committee is responsible for the approved budget of the municipality including inter alia revenue collection.

Terms of Reference:

  • The committee may perform any duties and exercise any powers delegated to it by the Municipal Council or the Executive Committee in terms of Section 80 (3) (b) of the Structures Act.
  • The committee shall advise Exco to ensure equitable distribution of resources and finances between the district municipality and local municipalities (category B's), as well as between individual local municipalities.
  • The committee shall provide political guidance of the fiscal and financial affairs of the municipality, including the budget process and the priorities that must guide the preparation of the budget.
  • The committee shall monitor and oversee the exercise of financial responsibilities assigned to the Accounting Officer and Chief Financial Officer in terms of the MFMA.
  • The committee shall take reasonable steps to ensure the municipality performs its Constitutional and statutory functions within the limits to the municipality's approved budget.
  • The committee shall submit a report to Council, within 30 days of the end of each quarter, on the implementation of the budget and the financial state of affairs of the municipality.
  • The committee shall ensure that the budget is approved by Council before the start of the budget year.
  • The committee shall ensure that revenue and expenditure projections for each month and service delivery targets and performance indicators for each quarter, as set out in the SDBIP, are made public within 14 days of the approval of the SDBIP.
  • The committee shall check budget implementation is being done in accordance with the SDBIP; approve the Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan (SDBIP) within 28 days after the approval of the budget.
  • The committee shall ensure that any revision of the SDBIP does not alter service delivery targets and performance indicators in the plan without the approval of Council after approving an adjustment budget.
  • The committee shall ensure that the public are informed or any revisions to the SDBIP.

The committee shall issue appropriate instructions to the Accounting Officer to ensure budget implementation with the SDBIP and to ensure spending of funds and revenue collection proceed in accordance with the budget.