UThukela District Municipality


Mr CS Dube

General Manager

The Department of Water Sanitation and Technical Services consist of the following sections:

Operations and Maintenance:

The main function of this division is to operate and maintain the water and sanitation networks in both urban and rural areas within the District and to also ensure that water and waste water infrastructure is managed properly in order to produce water which is of good standard.

  • Address water and sanitation backlog
  • Enlist the services of professionals where necessary to ensure that sound engineering principles are employed in the development and implementation of water and sanitation infrastructure.

The PMU unit's objectives are to focus on the following:

  • Manage projects, project planning, drawings and designs in close collaboration with the appointed consultants
  • Prepare project proposals & program strategy
  • Provide support in planning, organisation & implementation of projects, preparation of budgets and cash flow forecasting.
  • Ensure good communication and collaboration between Consultants, Contractors, UTDM (Council) and local municipalities (communities) at the beginning of contract (project)
Email: pa.wsts@uthukela.gov.za Telephone: 036 638 5100
Mr CS Dube