UThukela District Municipality

Integrated Development Plan Section

Amongst others, the following responsibilities have been allocated to the IDP Manager for the IDP process:
  • To ensure that the IDP framework and Process plan is finalized and adopted by Council;
  • To adjust the IDP according to the proposals of the MEC and draft assessments;
  • To identify additional role players to sit on the IDP Representative Forum;
  • To ensure the continuous participation of role players;
  • To monitor the participation of role players;
  • To ensure appropriate procedures are followed;
  • To ensure documentation is prepared properly;
  • To carry out the day-to- day management of the IDP process;
  • To Facilitate the IDP& Budget roadshows
  • Advertise for public to comment on the draft IDP and incorporate comments
  • To coordinate the alignment of the District IDP with the IDP’s of local municipalities within the District
  • To co-ordinate the preparation of the Sector Plans and their inclusion into the IDP documentation;
  • To submit the reviewed IDP to the relevant authorities.
  • To ensure that the IDP complies with the relevant legislations e.g. MSA
  • To ensure that the IDP is centred around the Outcomes based approach (Cabinet Lekgotla Resolutions, District Lekgotla Resolutions, OPMS, State of the Nation Address,
  • State of the Province Address, PGDS, PGDP, Outcome 9, Back to basics, DGDP, SDG’s, NDP, COP22 etc.)
  • To ensure that the IDP is approved before the start of the financial year and to ascertain that the approved plan is submitted to the MEC for COGTA within 10 days of the adoption.
  • To give notice to the Public in accordance with Local Government: The Municipal System Act 2000 (Act No.32 of 2000) in terms of Section 25(4) (a) (i) and (ii) Municipality must, within 14 days of the adoption of its Integrated Development Plan (IDP) give notice to the public, of the adoption of the plan and that copies of or extracts from the plan are available for public inspection.