UThukela District Municipality


17 April 2018

UThukela District Municipality under the leadership of the Mayor Cllr AS Mazibuko reached out to the communities on the Draft IDP Budget 2018/19 through a series of public meetings that commenced from the 10th to the 13th of April 2018 across all three local municipalities. Two roadshows were conducted in each municipality per day respectively.

Mayor Mazibuko invited all the members of the of the public to be the part of the IDP Budget process for the 2018/2019 financial year, which included Traditional Leaders, Ward Committees, Community Development Workers, Community Care Givers, NGOs, Sector departments including organised business rent payers and farmers associations to form part of these meetings.

His Worship the Mayor Cllr AS Mazibuko, Deputy Mayor Cllr NW Sibiya, Speaker Cllr DCP Mazibuko and EXCO Member Cllr MV Khumalo as well as Councillors and administrative team embarked on public meetings to table the Draft Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and Budget. The purpose of the roadshows was to present the 2018/19 draft budget and to inform the public about the municipality's achievements and projects that have been implemented in the previous financial years.

These public meetings process are mandated by the Local Government Systems Act and calls for municipalities to encourage and create conditions for the local community to participate in the affairs of the municipality. The roadshows therefore serve as the forum of engaging and listening to the views of the communities and business sectors and in order to implement the budget accordingly.

It is no secret that the municipality's financial state is not all that good but we have put together plans and strategies to help improve the situation, this is in line with the municipality's initiative in encouraging public participation in the municipality's budget allocations and to promote transparency as well as encourage the culture of saving, said the Mayor Cllr Mazibuko.

The Mayor informed stakeholders that the district is faced with challenges of ageing infrastructure. He also said that there was a plan to have Water Boards in all provinces including the KwaZulu Natal province. The Mayor mentioned that the district has a responsibility of maintaining and upgrading existing bulk infrastructure.

It is imperative that we provide people with dignified basic services through infrastructure, water & sanitation. There are areas in some parts of the District that have been identified for infrastructure development which will assist the community to receive clean and potable water and hygienic sanitation, concluded the Mayor.

The budget timetable and IDP Process plan which was approved by Council in August 2017 ensured that the said process was highly interactive and consultative in nature. UThukela District Municipality has also ensured that during the revision of the IDP, a series of the public meetings as well as representative forum meetings take place. These meetings are paramount important as the IDP should represent the interest for all role players.

Outcomes of the consultative process from all stakeholders were factored into both the operational and capital budget and the budget is also aligned and with National, Provincial and District priorities. On these roadshows the Mayor and Councillors informed the communities that all citizens will have access to adequate safe water and hygienic sanitation and an upgrade to aging water and sanitation infrastructure across the district.